Tips to Care for Tape Hair Extensions

If you are thinking of putting on hair extensions, then you should at least have adequate information regarding hair extensions care. Different companies produce different types of hair extensions for different markets. Therefore, you require different caring and maintenance methods for each type. One type of hair extension that has become quite common today is the tape hair extension. Tape hair extensions have adhesives at the roots of the hair where they can be attached. While tape hair extensions will offer you a semi permanent solution to the length and fullness to your hair, you will still be required to take good care of them for added durability. The following are tips to care for your tape hair extensions.

Change Shower heads -- Washing hair is meant to keep it clean and free of dust. However, if you are leaving in an apartment where every housing unit shares a main water tank, then chances are that the water is hard. Hard water affects tape in hair extensions over time as the adhesives tend to lose their sticking power. Additionally, hard water strips the tape in hair extensions of their oil and color. One way to prevent such damage is to use soft water, and this can be achieved by changing your shower head to the filter type. Filter shower heads have the capacity to filter any hardening component, for instance chlorine, in water.

Hot Styling -- At one point or another, you will want to curl, blow dry, or straighten your hair extension. However, like natural hair, your extensions are sensitive to high temperatures and will severely be damaged if the heat is not regulated. When using heat for styling purposes, you need to make sure that you do not use your hot tools on the tail end parts of the extensions. This is because the adhesive tapes are located on the ends and excess heat will render them useless. Consequently, the extensions will fall off. You can also apply a heat protector in your hair extension prior to styling with heat.

Brushing -- Brushing hair is a task that you cannot escape, even with hair extension. While brushing natural hair may be easy, tape in hair extensions offer a different challenge. Since you do not want to brush in so deep such that you interfere with the tapes, make sure you start brushing from the bottom. This allows you to avoid ripping the extensions off their tapes.